Lyn Dilbeck is a thirty five-year practitioner of Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts. He currently lives in Sedona, Arizona where he has been teaching these arts for the past twenty five years.

To know himself and to help others know themselves has always been the deepest motivating force in Lyn’s life. This heart-felt desire is the essence of his Qi Gong Practice and what he shares as a teacher.

Before Lyn started to develop a conscious relationship with Qi through Qi Gong Practice, his quest had taken him into metaphysics and the practice of meditation. Also having a desire to help others, he studied and practiced medicine as a Pediatric and Internal Medicine Physicians Assistant. These earlier studies and life experiences helped him to see that the power and intelligence that give us health is what heals us when we are ill. He felt that this intelligent power must be what sustains every level of our existence ~ physical, energetic, emotional and mental, and it must be connected somehow to the life purpose within each of us.

For Lyn, accepting that health, healing and spirituality were interconnected, was an epiphany that changed the direction of his life. He decided to seek out this intelligent power, to know it within himself, and to help others to know it within themselves.

In the mid-seventies, many people seeking a physical/energetic practice based in spirituality were studying Yoga, Aikido or Tai Qi Chuan. Lyn studied all three forms, yet it was in the practice of the traditional Yang Style of Tai Qi Chuan that he experienced those first “tastes” of a force flowing in and around him.

Lyn has come to know Qi Gong Practice as a conscious conversation between human beings and the Intelligent Power of Creation, Qi. In the course of this conversation he has learned that Qi is the divine intelligence and power that is birthing God’s infinite potential into Creation. This is her true gong (purpose), to be the Mother of all vibrational existence and our Mother as well.

Lyn has spent the majority of his life tending to this relationship, and been fortunate to study with many gifted Masters of Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts:
• Ralf Cahn, Albany, CA ~ Kang jo fu
• Stephen Labensart, Mt. Shasta, CA ~ Yang Style Tai Qi Chuan
• Lily Soux, Honolulu, HI ~ Qi Gong
• George Xu, San Francisco, CA ~ Chen Style Tai Qi Chuan
• Master Zhou Ting Jue, Los Angeles, CA ~ Qi Gong (Wu Dang Style), Tai Qi Chuan, Hsing I, Bagua
• Miranda Warburton, Flagstaff, AZ ~ Hsing I, Bagua
• Master Li Jun Feng, Austin, TX ~ Qi Gong (Sheng Zhen)
• Master Chris Petrilli, Sedona, AZ ~ Escrima

Passionate and generous in all that he shares; Lyn excels in revealing the internal principles of these arts through demonstration and metaphor. His deeper gift however, is the way he shows that these principles are the same keys that allow our true nature to manifest into our life as joy, wisdom, health and love.