Experiencing God’s Reflection
The Role Qi Gong Plays
in the Transformation of Consciousness

This book is about spirituality, but approaches this subject from the unique and practical perspective of Qi Gong Practice. It is this practicality that makes Experiencing God’s Reflection an insightful and inspirational read for not only practitioners of Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts, but for anyone seeking their true source.

The theory and practice of Qi Gong brings spirituality into our everyday experiences on every level of our existence ~ mental, emotional, energetic, and physical. In fact, the very essence of the practice is how we, as consciousness, allow a natural balance to occur in the yin and yang (the feminine & masculine) forces that give form to our experiences on every

vibrational level, and how we allow all these levels of our existence to harmonize into Oneness. In Qi Gong, this is the inner path to our Spiritual Body and the way to our God Self.

This book does not teach the physical/energetic movements of Qi Gong Practice. You will find this level of guidance in the series of instructional manuals and DVDs that follow. The primary intention of Experiencing God’s Reflection is to help us remember Who We Are, what Creation or Qi is, and the sacred relationship we have with Qi

In this book, the author is not only showing us the bridge connecting spirituality to Qi Gong Practice, he is reveling a bridge that spans the apparent abyss between our soul and our mundane existence; between our enlightened consciousness and “fallen” consciousness; between Oneness and separation. Within these pages the Keys for the Transformation of Human Consciousness are clearly presented. These keys are part of the spiritual guidance now being extended to all of us, helping us to navigate this important time in our spiritual growth.
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