Guiding Principles of the Internal Arts
A Set of 2 Instructional DVDs
for Qi Gong Practice

Guiding Principles of the Internal Arts brings the re-emerging wisdom of Qi Gong Practice into your daily life. This 2 disc set presents the Guiding Principles of the practice and instructs you in how to apply them to your experiences on the physical/energetic, emotional, and mental planes of your existence.

The DVD opens with the Spinal Series, an effective way to enliven the 5 internal pumps of your physical body.

You then learn and practice the Unity Form, a set of 15 movements that help you understand and embody the Guiding Principles. The heart of the DVD is the seven Guiding Principles. Each principle is clearly explained, followed by demonstrations of the principle using movements you’ve already practiced.

The last two sections share how you apply the Guiding Principles to not only your physical movements & experiences, but to your experiences of emotions and thoughts as well.

It is by applying these principles to all of your experiences on every level of your existence that you realize the unbinding of your consciousness from Creation (Qi) and from the reflections of separation and limitation you are now experiencing within Her.