Guiding Principles of the Internal Arts Manual 2
An Instructional Manual
for Qi Gong Practice

In the first instructional manual of this series, “Starting Your Practice,” you developed the physical skills needed for the etheric practice of Qi Gong. This manual now presents the Guiding Principles of Qi Gong and will instruct you in how to apply these principles in the primary levels of existence… physical/energetic (Etheric), feeling/emotional (Astral), and mental (Causal).

It is through the application of these principles to your experiences on every level of existence that you realize the unbinding of your consciousness from the Qi of Creation

and from the reflections of the beliefs of separation and limitation you are choosing to experience within Her.

The spiritual theory of Qi Gong becomes a method for living through the Keys for the Transformation of Human Consciousness. These four keys were explained in the book “Experiencing God’s Reflection ~ The Role Qi Gong Plays in the Transformation of Consciousness.” But, as you will soon experience, these transformational keys become the Guiding Principles as they play out through the energetic centers through your body, your tan tiens.

In your spiritual life, the Guiding Principles are where the rubber meets the road. These principles help you, as consciousness, relate to and interact with the Qi of energy, emotion, and thought. They show you how to experience all levels of Creation without attaching your consciousness to Her through your acts of judgment, control, and manipulation.

The manual opens with The Spinal Series (chapter 2), an ingenious exercise set that both empowers your core pumps and deepens your awareness of how and where the energy of movement manifests within you.

You first experience The Guiding Principles by way of the Unity Form, a beautiful Qi Gong set composed of 18 movements. Chapter 3 gives you precise and easy-to-follow instructions for learning this form.

Chapter 4 is the heart of the manual. Here the seven Guiding Principles are explained; then each one is clearly demonstrated through specific movements chosen from the forms and exercises you have learned. As you embody these principles, as you understand, feel, and do them, you will experience how they allow two natural processes to occur in and around you ~ the process of balance and the process of integration. Balance and integration are the reflections within Creation of the love and oneness of your Soul. It is only you, through your perceived needs to judge, control, and manipulate Qi and what you experience within Her, that disrupts these processes!

Meditation is an essential piece of Qi Gong Practice. The Qi Gong Meditation of Three Levels is shared in chapter 5. And though this meditation is experienced on all three levels of your being, what it most clearly reveals is the causal or mental practice of Qi Gong. At this level of the practice, you see that your consciousness, Who You Are, does not come from the continuous interplay of comparative or complementary expressions of causal Qi, your thoughts.

The manual ends with the astral or feeling/emotional practice of Qi Gong. This last chapter shows you that your emotions, too, are a duality of yin and yang, and that how you choose to relate to these forces also binds your consciousness to the experience of separation and a limited ability to express love and power.

As you live your life through the Guiding Principles, you are literally remembering how to experience vibrational existence (Creation) on all levels while, at the same time, knowing you are the Consciousness of God. You remember that you are not defined or limited by any of the experiences you are now having.
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