It is our time to remember,

  • to remember the holy beliefs about God and about Who We Are.
  • To remember what Qi is and the sacred way we relate to her.

God is Oneness and the infinite beliefs there in. We are God’s witnessing consciousness. Qi is the divine medium mirroring back to us the beliefs we choose, from God’s infinity of possibilities, to hold in our consciousness. Qi is Creation; she it the power and intelligence that gives vibrational existence to these beliefs as our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of energy and matter.

We begin to remember Who We Are as we choose to no longer believe in a power that opposes oneness. We begin to remember when we stop judging ourselves and the world around us . This allows our mind, heart and body to reunite, to function as equals within our own wholeness.

This path leads us back into love.

  • We accept every expression of life and aspect of Creation as being part of us, and we as part of them.
  • We approach each thing in reverence, knowing the equal importance and sanctity of each part.
  • And we, recognizing God’s infinite potential in everything, share ourselves with and support every life form and piece of Creation

In the beliefs of oneness and by our actions of love, the vibrational levels of our being transform – they harmonize into our Spiritual Body. This body is our sacred mirror. In it, we consciously experience the image of our God Self (our Soul). This experience is our conscious knowing; it is our remembering that we have always been the oneness and love unifying God, Creation, and all expressions of consciousness.