Guiding Principles of the Internal Arts


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An Instructional Manual for Qi Gong Practice, Manual 2:
The second manual in the series presenting the Guiding Principles of Qi Gong and how to apply them on the primary levels of existence.

100 in stock (can be backordered)

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This manual presents the Guiding Principles of Qi Gong and will instruct you in how to apply these principles in the primary levels of existence… physical/energetic (Etheric), feeling/emotional (Astral), and mental (Causal). It is through the application of these principles to your experiences that you realize the unbinding of your consciousness from the Qi of Creation and from the reflections of the beliefs of separation and limitation you are choosing to experience.

The spiritual theory of Qi Gong becomes a method for living through the Keys for the Transformation of Human Consciousness. These four keys were explained in the book “Experiencing God’s Reflection ~ The Role Qi Gong Plays in the Transformation of Consciousness.”

In your spiritual life, the Guiding Principles are where the rubber meets the road. These principles help you, as consciousness, relate to and interact with the Qi of energy, emotion, and thought. They show you how to experience all levels of Creation without attaching your consciousness to Her through your acts of judgment, control, and manipulation.

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