Starting Your Practice
Manual 1
An Instructional Manual
for Qi Gong Practice

This manual is the first in a series of instructional manuals and DVDs being offered by Master Lyn Dilbeck for the practice of Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts.

In his first book “Experiencing God’s Reflection,” Lyn gave you the foundation, the spiritual theory and methods, of Qi Gong Practice. In this series he shares how to employ these methods in your daily life.

The manuals are introducing a new operational system, a new way for you, as consciousness, to relate to every experience you have in the different realms or planes

of Creation… the realms of energy and matter (Etheric), feeling and emotion (Astral), and thought (Causal).

Through easy-to follow instructions, you will be guided in how to apply the Transformational Keys and Guiding Principles of Qi Gong to your experiences. Applying these keys and principles to each experience of life is the very essence of the practice that is realized in the three tan tiens of your body (the energetic fields of intelligence that form the interface between your consciousness and the vibrational realms of Creation in which you exist, live, and experience).

This first manual and DVD, “Starting your Practice,” begins on the plane of energy and matter; it begins in your experience of stillness and movement. This realm forms the tangible doorway through which the student of Qi Gong can best get acquainted with the Transformational Keys and Guiding Principles.

The first lesson teaches how important it is to warm-up the energy transfer points of your body, your joints. You then move on to acquire the physical skills you need for the physical-energetic or etheric practice of Qi Gong. In the last lesson, you are given a form (a series or set of movements) that codifies these skills into your being.

This is where you start, but it will soon be apparent to you that what you learn and experience on the plane of energy and matter is applicable to your experiences in the other realms of your existence. Here in lies the beauty and genius of the Practice.
… a peek into the book…