Each of us comes into this world with the question “Who am I?” This is not so different from your going to see a movie and asking, “What’s this movie about?”

In life, many people, institutions, and organizations seek to give you the answer to this question – just like your friends, advertisements, and reviews will try to tell you about the movie. But the truth is no one can answer this question for you. To truly know who you are, you have to experience or live into your own answer – you have to go see the movie.

Qi Gong says, “If you want to know Who You Are, you must live within the reflective medium of Qi, within the movie screen, to experience first hand the image of your self.” This “screen” is what you know to be Creation and your body.

Qi Gong also says that you are the source of infinite movies. That all possible movies come from you. But the thing is, it is who you believe you are that quite literally reflects the movies you will consciously watch (and star in).

Experiencing God’s Reflection is really a guidebook for helping you remember Who You Are. Through remembering, it is seeking to help you choose great movies.